Laziza ….is delicious

Hey there! I’m here in the blog world!   With encouragement from my friends, I have decided to cross over into the blogosphere, with everybody and their brother.  Is there room for me?  It kind of feels like my childhood days, when I used to write in my diary with the cute little lock and key – remember that?  This is a bit overwhelming, but it also feels exciting to carve out a space for myself and to exchange foodie ideas with others.  I think it will be great  to have my collection of recipes which my kids will appreciate one day ….. I imagine them saying, “Remember Mom’s chicken marsala, I wonder how she made that? Oh, let’s check her blog!”  (yeah, right).

Two years ago, I established my “Eclectic Gourmet” catering business in Bucks County, Pa.   With a focus on ethnic cuisines, such as Indian, Turkish, Persian, Moroccan, etc.,  my cooking fills a great void, as there are no ethnic restaurants (or at least no good ones, IMO) in our area.   Inspirations abound ~ from my travels and foodie friends,  to the amazing  blogs featuring tantalizing food!  Not to mention all the cookbooks, magazines, TV shows, and newsletters.  The foodie world has just exploded within just the past few years! I have since changed the name to Laziza Bites. Laziza means “is delicious” in Urdu and Arabic, and, it’s a play on my name Laviza.

Some have argued that foodism is an elitist obsession, a foolish fetish in light of the fact that 15% of the world is starving, and many more malnourished.   And now, food prices are increasing dramatically which exacerbates the problem.   I’m guilty of being one of  those *annoying people* who take pictures of their food (gasp!) in public.   And I feel guilty knowing that food insecurity is a really big issue for a lot of people.  Well, I don’t know how to assuage the guilt except, at the very least, give back to the local community (food banks such as, and other charities) as well as to the global community through reputable charities (  is a great tool to assess charities).

Food to me is sacred, and cooking is my zen – my ingredients don’t talk back to me or discuss politics or religion.

Its an expression of love from me to my family, friends, and clients.

Some of you may have been following me on my Facebook Page, Eclectic Gourmet  (here’s the  link ).   It was a quick and easy way for me to post a picture of what I was up to in the kitchen, or share an interesting foodie story.  I stored my recipes under the Discussions Tab; this set up was sort of disjointed (pictures of my creations on my wall with  the recipe under a separate tab), but, it worked for the time being.  I probably would have kept it like that except that one fine day, Facebook decided to take away the Discussions Tab – and whoosh – there go ALL of my 100’s of recipes.  S*%t.  What a loss….. Which brings me here.  To my own space – and nobody better mess with my recipes!!

My goal is to share my humble creations with you, as well as articles of interest to foodies (health/wellness, restaurant news, chefs’ ideas, my blogger friends’ ideas, products I love, etc) – sort of a foodie + lifestyle blog.  I hope you will check my blog once in awhile, and feel free to comment or share your ideas.  So far,  the people I have met in the foodie-bloggie world are supportive and wonderful to connect with.

Thank you!



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