Laziza Laviza

I showed my Dad my new blog, and here is the ensuing conversation:

Dad:  “So is Laziza Bites a copy of Nigella Bites?”

me:  “Uh, how do you know about Nigella Bites?? and no, it’s not a copy per se, it’s my own twist on Laziza/Laviza”

Dad: “How do you know that Laziza means tasty? You don’t speak Urdu”

me: “I have my sources!”

Dad: “Well, it’s a good thing your Mom changed your name to  Laviza.  Remember, that was not your original name…”

me:  “Oh yeah!! I was named Shahana at birth!!  Do you still have my birth certificate that says Shahana Sheikh?? Ugh, that name does not suit me at all”

Dad: “Yes we have it!”

me: “But then where is the change in name certificate?

Dad: “I don’t know”

me:  “so am I really still Shahana?? who am I??  Ok, no one has to know.”

….except  for the followers of my blog now!!



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