Orange Olive Oil Cake (recipe adapted from 4plates2table)

orange cake

I was at Costco a few days ago, and I passed by their huge orange and grapefruit display.  The fruits smelled so refreshing ~ I felt as if I got a whiff of Florida in the midst of our cold dreary winter.   I come home, and see a blog post by my friend Nancy for an “orange olive oil cake”. What a coincidence!   But,  too bad I didn’t buy the huge bag of oranges!

Her recipe looked intriguing ~ I don’t think I ever made a cake with olive oil before.  I am used to putting olive oil in my pasta and chicken dishes – not my desserts!  I decided to try it out – back to the grocery store for some cara cara….

I don’t have much patience for difficult baking recipes, and I must say, this cake was so easy to make, and tastes  just lovely!

Below is the link to the recipe on Nancy’s wonderful blog, 4plates2table

My adaptations:

Instead of 1 1/4 cup flour, I used 1 cup flour and 1/4 cup fine semolina

I greased the pan with butter and sprinkled a little raw sugar to get the bottom of the cake caramelized

Instead of  3/4 white sugar,   I used  1/2 cup white sugar and   1/4 cup brown sugar

….as Nancy said, this is an “adult cake….perfect with a cup of coffee”


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