About Laziza Bites: Exotic FarePlay

Hi there! My name is Laviza, and welcome to Laziza Bites.   I plan to showcase globally inspired cuisine which I create for my family, friends and clients (I have a catering business in Bucks County, Pa which focuses on fine global cuisine).

“Laziza” quite simply means “delicious” or “tasty” in Arabic and Urdu, and coincidentally, it’s a play on my name! How perfect, right??  My previous name “Eclectic Gourmet” suited me too, as I am all over the place in terms of my cooking style.  One day, it could be Spanish with a Moroccan influence, or a fusion of French and Indian….My family never knows which country’s fare they will be tasting for the evening!

However, I decided I needed a catchier name as I make my foray into the blogosphere.  In any case, it’s not the name so much as the content that matters, so I hope to come up with delicious recipes that you can try at home.  I am all about cooking from the heart and expressing love through sharing my creations.  I hope to post recipes for pictures I post to my blog, but occasionally  I will post an enticing  “food porn” with out a recipe, random foodie or health articles, and guest posts from my blogger friends.




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